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*I also accept international buyers. 
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POTATO 2010.3-(Hey! Say! Jump pages are not included) 
POTATO 2010.10-(Brand New!) 

WINK UP 2010.3
WINK UP 2009.11

WINK UP 2010.4
WINK UP 2009.7
DUET 2010.4


POPOLO 2010.4
MYOJO 2010.4 
PICT UP 2010.4

PICT UP 2010.10
PICT UP 2008.12

GQ JAPAN 2010.6
MORE 2010.6
MORE 2010.10

HANAKO 2009.9-10(Features: Ninomiya Kazunari, Oguri Shun, Matsuyama Kenichi)
FINEBOYS 2010.10
+ACT.MINI 2010,VOL.10


PIA EX 2010.10
MEN'S NONNO 2010.04
CUT 2010.11

+ACT 2010.05-PHP600

sweetest downfall

the irony of life~

 OMG~ this surprised me... WHY?! HIRO? WHY?!  and yeah, I'm still in the midst of looking forward to see you in BECK and then you decided on this. x.x  but what can we do if that is what he wants, ne? so! goodluck to you, Nanba-kun..ü T________T 

this just add up to the list of good things that ended today, well, in newshfan 's case it sort of ended. :( DAMN you people who loves to upload subbed videos.. :( Oh, I wish that someone from daddicts would be kind to share some softsubs~fufufu..XD The other good that ended is the go_nin , I have no objections to what is happening, well, if it's me I might do that also. but really, it saddened me.. :( huff. 


kyaaa~ for my new icon <3

As I said from my previous post~ the Ohoku CMs were released awhile ago and it hurts that I have to wait for 6 more months(i guess)  to watch the movie,, oh and if ever they will released the DVD that has subs i'll definitely buy those~ tsk!  

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Kazu: Kazunari~

sweet little brat~♥

Now, I waaaant some Kazu that will not cause me perverted thoughts. I think I got too much of it. XP  and aiek08 it's not a lie.. fufufu~

and luckily...this CM saved me~ uwaa~ very cute kazu... 

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And no, I haven't forgotten it! :) better late than never.ü
Happy 11th year to these boys~ 
and hope to see you soon.♥
matsumiya: red

I know I just posted awhile ago...

but I just found out about this, awhile ago too.X3
I wish for this to happen so badly~ If this really came true, then I pray for Jun to cameo on the brat's new drama, though I know it's impossible.XD to make things even. :3

but since it's from the brat himself, I'm not hoping too much since he loves to tease so much too,XD 

and i forgot to say that the love rainbow PV is pretty, but way too much CG? but since I love the song and the coupling song, I think I'll buy the RE, to match with the dear snow single that I'm planning to buy. :) *wishes for a pretty single cover*

I just realized how I lack mukai icons~ pfft.

so I just came home from work, 5hrs of work and I'm very tired already. gah. but really, I want more. :)♥

right after I went home, I switched the pc on, surprisingly its off, and maaan, lots of news appear infront of my eyes.. :) first is:
this made me happy and a bit sad.haha. TOMA and JIN now have their own pages at Johnny's net :) see their banners below:

'a very cute, girly header..hahaha'

'and a very manly header for Jin, or somewhat lazy design'

next is, Mukai's new CM, and it's very cute..haha... makes me want to eat that thing too, as if it's also available here. actually made a gif of the cm:

you can find the cm here.
GAWD~ this is so fake~>.<
lastly, the guys, referring to arashi, celebration of Jun's birthday is very sweet. :) to the point that it made the princess cry. :DD

ps, I just realized that i'll be using a separate tag of Jin.*pouts*
just eita

ICONS dump~

made new default icon, haha, and no it's not eita.. it's this: >my sweetest downfall.. :)♥

and because of that, uwaa, I've reached my userpics limit...gah. I really need want a paid account.. *grins* I will try to do that..haha, next time...♥

anyways, here's the icons that I said I made last time... :D

Nino [20]
toma [10]
Aiba [3]
Yasu [5]
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resource post~